Futile indulgence  In seducing substance  Forms identity  Fragrant sulfur smelt Senseless servant suffocated  In euphoric bliss  Image taken from:


Graduation Another piece of paper added to the score. Continuing to keep score, of what is nothing more. His life is a bore-- solely a boar squealing to a whore, wishing something more than her pretending to adore. Lies on paper of a faked interest. Seamless mistresses coming and going. Lying dormant, Pharaoh solely sleeps and weeps. Pyramids scheming … Continue reading Graduation

Why I Write- The Importance of Storytelling

This is going to be ridiculously random so stay with me. Really hope you all read this through. I've seen a few of these lately, so decided to do one myself. I had a Tumblr for 4 years called Shooich's stream of consciousness which was more or less my diary, and I never received any … Continue reading Why I Write- The Importance of Storytelling

Atonement, At-one-meant, Final Fantasy?

"Every-little-thing is pro-found when we've found our-self." -Pharaoh Maktuk   Watch this clip before continuing reading. A quick summary of FFX/an allegory: (might ramble and talk in circles a bit so bare with me, hard to jam a 100 hour video game into a couple of paragraphs lol) Spira is the world in FFX. … Continue reading Atonement, At-one-meant, Final Fantasy?

(Expect) ‘The Impossible’?

"Expectations are premeditated feelings of resentment." -Unknown Today I watched what I consider one of the best movies I've ever seen for the first time. Easily a 9+/10. It is initially pretty terrifying and unnerving, but becomes an uplifting film about how we don't expect the impossible while traveling and how we can recover. It shows a … Continue reading (Expect) ‘The Impossible’?

The Beluga Whale and The Crow

Taken from @ArtMoses The beluga whale sits at the table stuffing another burger in his wide face. The beluga whale is named Luis. He tells Kafka that in life its best to look at people like they have $$ signs on their faces. Thats the best way to succeed at life. The beluga whale … Continue reading The Beluga Whale and The Crow