Hypnotized fireflies Gazing up,  Their reflections  Entwined  In this battle  Within space  Which is the observer  And how many levels  Of mirrors reverberating  awareness-- exist  Through this labyrinth Of reality  Dew cradles my cheek Unfelt space But seeing that which is felt A gentle reminder, These duplicates Are blind to the Aurora of lanterns Above,  … Continue reading Observed



Inhaling pollen Mushrooms drift  Across celestial sky  Euphoria in emerald waters  Seduced into svasna  In deep blackness  Driftwood remains Despite--   Tides, pollution, erosion Floating, Still   


Inspired by Haruki Murakami's Wind up Bird Chronicle Down here to think  Overwhelming darkness  Solace provided An occasional glimpse  From the sun incepting  Time Confirming my  Reality One of many I've existed in   In the interim-- In between,  Musing, patched together  Currents manipulated Imperfect memories, Sewn in synchronicity,  Or ignored in Asynchronous torrents  Released  … Continue reading Defragmented

Conversation With Myself Part 6 I Just Feel Like Writing

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9nt2rQeVmLw Sherif: I just feel like Writing. Pharaoh: But not poetry, or we wouldn't be having another one of these would we? Sherif: The veil of poetry has gotten somewhat old, I haven't particularly been in a poetic mood lately. I have several poems in drafts I could post right now, but none of them … Continue reading Conversation With Myself Part 6 I Just Feel Like Writing


How much of myself  Do I reveal Concealed in an Inconsistent narrative  Behind a convex mirror Dissonant projections Reluctantly released  He sees something  An extra terrestrial  Slowly and surely Doubts rise like  A bludgeoned sun In the morn  After a new moon sunk  Vulnerable No longer virtual   I release myself  Fuller disclosure  Defragmented as  … Continue reading Disclosure

Haruki Murakami and Shingo Nakamura- Side Trips

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYBW77PzOsY 'I believe you're entering a phase of your life in which many different things will occur. The disappearance of your cat is only the beginning.' Good things or bad things? 'Good things and bad things. Bad things that seem good at first, and good things that seem bad at first.' That sounds very general. … Continue reading Haruki Murakami and Shingo Nakamura- Side Trips


Unorthodox svasna  From within a hollow Shell, the sea turtle  Peers  Behind closed eyes Explosions of crimson,  Lemonade savored Prussian dynasties fall In azure currency  Legs locked  A motionless propellor  Fingers laced  Swans sway in cyan  Dormant buoyancy  Slight gurgling  Muffled splashes Jet skis roars Drowned to  Cathartic whispers  The aurora of  Lights penetrating  The … Continue reading Driftwood

Conversation with Myself Part 5– Can I love myself?

**To my close followers, you know who you are, this is really long, but I hope you end up reading, not skimming, but reading this.** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJFvItrmoDY **Names in *..* have been changed to protect people's privacies.** Sherif: I genuinely hate everything about life right now. I am so fucking depressed!! Pharaoh: Why is that? It … Continue reading Conversation with Myself Part 5– Can I love myself?

The Phoenix

Chained to the bed  Broken wings,  Blood-stained sheets,  Motionless and tattered  In the darkness  Praying for a piano  Through the roof  --  Ask and you Shall receive--  Under the moon's spotlight Irreplaceable flint  Illuminating lava  in her eyes  Soot filling the room  Spies and demons incinerated  Her quill, like her feathers  Reveries, melting hearts And … Continue reading The Phoenix