Locked Away (4/4)

Little Red Riding Hood sits there, endowed by a twilight of cyan and violet. Waves dance across the shore, twirled by his windy partner. However, the partner was not too windy, more gentle, like a soothing massage on her back. An aura above seems to be her own, free,¬†for all to grasp, sinking in the … Continue reading Locked Away (4/4)


Locked Away (3/4)

He sat there sipping some Glenfiddich 26. It was normal for him to start drinking towards the end of his nights at work before driving home to his wife and daughter in Pasadena. It wasn't a very pleasant day. Searching for some sort of hole in the discovery. How was he supposed to get this … Continue reading Locked Away (3/4)

Locked Away (2/4)

"Let me in you little bitch," bellowed the Big Bad Wolf as he continued pounding with an inconceivable ferocity. "I'll never let you in again. I was much younger, but now I know better. You need me to let you in, you're locked out," replied Little Red Riding hood. She stood there firmly still in … Continue reading Locked Away (2/4)

Locked Away (1/4)

Little Red Riding hood finds herself wandering in and out of desolate trees. The wind howls like a coyote and she can make out the silhouettes of phantoms weaving in and out of dense barks. Hollows are invisible in the ghastly, enveloping shadow. Scathed and cut, whipped by trees, she follows the bread crumbs forward. … Continue reading Locked Away (1/4)