Hypnotized fireflies Gazing up,  Their reflections  Entwined  In this battle  Within space  Which is the observer  And how many levels  Of mirrors reverberating  awareness-- exist  Through this labyrinth Of reality  Dew cradles my cheek Unfelt space But seeing that which is felt A gentle reminder, These duplicates Are blind to the Aurora of lanterns Above,  … Continue reading Observed



What lies beyond Enchanting entwinement Of celestial skies and Bleeding clouds What clings to desperate Reproduction Of suns death As space is blessed With flavored twilight And melting palates Of infinite shades Of grey Within the arena Who instructs  Placement in Duality between Ambrosial orchestra And its dissipating Yet radiating choir Pondering why clouds Must cry … Continue reading Cyclic


Able dreams manifested Carved from within the vast hollow darkness Leaping through time Beautiful distortions Alien blueprints translating Molding Hostile perspectives Incomplete metamorphosis While layer after  Layer is Chiseled Disintegrating Becoming Image taken from Pinterest 

Inner Space

I gaze up at tiny fireflies so far away in darkness. Frozen orbs. Titans imprisoned. Imaginary distance dilutes our ability to clearly see inside our own universe as we create impassable barriers. Beautiful stalagmite sleds honing our awe as we happily slide. Sometimes I forget myself and falsely describe this life as mine, when we all inner-stand by seeing it … Continue reading Inner Space