Inspired by Haruki Murakami's Wind up Bird Chronicle Down here to think  Overwhelming darkness  Solace provided An occasional glimpse  From the sun incepting  Time Confirming my  Reality One of many I've existed in   In the interim-- In between,  Musing, patched together  Currents manipulated Imperfect memories, Sewn in synchronicity,  Or ignored in Asynchronous torrents  Released  … Continue reading Defragmented


Haruki Murakami and Shingo Nakamura- Side Trips 'I believe you're entering a phase of your life in which many different things will occur. The disappearance of your cat is only the beginning.' Good things or bad things? 'Good things and bad things. Bad things that seem good at first, and good things that seem bad at first.' That sounds very general. … Continue reading Haruki Murakami and Shingo Nakamura- Side Trips

In a World Unmanifested

You and I making Love underneath jealous stars Serenaded by colliding waves In a world unmanifested Where my inner infinite Manifested in all Fleeting forms Blessedly infected with light In a world unmanifested I'm no longer alive Bones disintegrating Enriching soil Nourishing my mother Ignorant, unintentional murder Subsequent consequences In a world unmanifested Seeing all … Continue reading In a World Unmanifested

The Maze

Inspired by Westworld Here you are The bars On your cage Are brittle   Your blood Ravishes the sharks Circling around the Mausoleum Rivers of blood Splashing around  But you are here And they are there You have reached the center Unnecessary conformity Encompassing all Improvisation and association Incomplete loops Steam blown engine   Patronizing … Continue reading The Maze


Another hopeful Attempt, restraint from free fall Enter infinity Snowballs do melt Invisible reveries Lab rats escape maze Malleable handcuffs Impermanent narratives Ford’s arms welcoming Monitored cognition Between dichotomous poles Accepted labrynth Evolved space monkeys Recollection between lives Leaping, world to world


Words filter in, they go Others replace them, also fading Eventually They stick After arranging and re-arranging Themselves  Floating, dissipating, re-emerging  Fragmented  Put back together until  They evolve  Into destiny Separate points  Connected without touching  Enveloping unity between  Parallel dreams  Space filled-- creating This poem  Photography by Manjari Sharma


Failed simulations Continuing in current life Mundane monotony  Filling stomach and lungs  Like an empty gas tank  Inhaling days fated code from registry  Blindfolded black and white  Broken record players Still alive And on the move  Refusing to sleep  Willing insomniacs Incapacitated dreams  Image taken from Pinterest