Phoneless Pharaohing in Buddhapest Day 1

Sadly this morning while waking up I fumbled my phone and it went from cracked to shattered. ┬áIn this majestic city I don't have the means to take photos right at this moment. This, however, will not stop me from sharing my experiences and thoughts here with you. I also reminisced of my last night … Continue reading Phoneless Pharaohing in Buddhapest Day 1


My Favorite Spots in Barcelona

George Payne Irish Pub -Every Thursday and Sunday they have karaoke night. Its a pretty good mix of locals and travelers, and all four times I went, I went by myself and had the most enjoyable nights of my trip here. If you have no fear on an open mic than this spot is for … Continue reading My Favorite Spots in Barcelona

Unfolding in Barcelona

I woke up this morning feeling amazing. The sky was glittery and it seemed like the sun was patiently hiding behind the buildings of my flat-- gracing with me with a light show as the clouds sifted through. I sat there while it unfolded, but inevitably had to get ready to go to class. My … Continue reading Unfolding in Barcelona

Barcelona Days 1-2, Stream of Consciousness

My CELTA starts on Monday, and I've had two of five total days so far to be a tourist. Have been pretty worried about my knee, but haven't let it deter me from making the most of my time here. When I feel pain I have enough awareness to stop at a cafe or restaurant … Continue reading Barcelona Days 1-2, Stream of Consciousness